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Learn something about Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Postcard from Yogyakarta: Sonobudoyo National Museum
This card specially produced to commemorate 250th years Yogyakarta (1756-2006)


In Yogyakarta, north of Alun-Alun Lor, there's a place where you can read about Indonesian history, 43.000 items are collected in that place (but all items aren't display yet), a long history of human who live in Java Island displayed there. Its Museum Sonobudoyo, built in 1931 by Sultan Hamengku Buwono VIII, Ir. Th. Karsten, P.H.W. Sitsen and Koperberg. The museum was opened to public in 1935 named as Java instituut. At the front gate, you can see the plaque of ceremonial written in Netherland.

One kind wonderful collection that you may not miss is Keris, an ancient sacred weapon. It used to weapon, but now on being statue or collection. Sonobudoyo Museum has thousands of Keris. Some my friends said that the cheapes keris reach 2-3 billions rupiahs, so you can figure out how much the collection are cost. The oldest keris is made in Hinduism Mataram era, perhaps 700Masehi, named as Wesi Budha.

Biological collection is displayed on the middle of the museum, contained human bones, animals and plants, all are exhibited as their original. One last room is displayed Wayang, puppet shadow play. If you guess wayang is come from Java culture, you will see wayang in another figure came from Sunda, Madura, Kediri, China, etc. Sometimes, a political situation pushes out creativity of the wayang's artist such as colonial wayang and revolution wayang, both were created in colonial and war area.

At the yard, you can see some ancient sculpture and weapons. The heritage is lined up behind the Balinese style wall. A replica of litte pura, hindunese house of worship, is set up at the backyard. its quite and peaceful there. You can sit while reflection how the civilization has been built for thousands years in the region called Java.

You can learn more about Yogyakarta here :)

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