Friday, December 23, 2011

learn something about Lithuania

Vilniaus Universitetas, was established in 1579.

(Hello in Lithuanian!)

Republic of Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic states. And its capital and largest city is Vilnius. The official language, Lithuanian, is one of only two living languages (together with Latvia) in the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family.

The Lithuanian language uses Latin-style lettering but retains many remnants of the oldest Proto-Indo-European language. On 11 march 1990, the year before the break-up of the soviet union, Lithuania became the first Soviet republic to declare independence. Lithuania had one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union. Lithuania is a member of NATO, the council of europe, and the European Union.

In Lithuania there is five national parks and 30 regional parks filled with virgin forest and unsppoiled marshland exist in Lithuania, inhabited by protected wild animals and rare birds. The country's historic capital, Vilnius with one of Europe's most breathtakin Old Towns becomes a winter wonderland and ideal place for relaxing city break.

Vilnius University is the oldest and largest Lithuanian higher education institution. Vilnius University is an active participant in international scientifuc and academic activities and boasts many prominen scientists, professors and graduates.

And this is Trakai. Trakai is a fabulously little town on water. The former capital of Lithuania nestles between several lakes. Initially a defensive castle, later a residence for Lithuania's grand dukes, today its a popular museum of medieval Lithuania as well as being a well-used stage for concerts, festivals and films. This fairytale castle was rebuilt in the 1950s and is now known for being the only castle with a lake as its main defence in the whole of Eastern Europe.

oh by the way, do you know that Lithuania is a country with the highest suicide deaths per year?

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